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Game Update [Sockets+Harmony] Mastery Sets, Weapons and Shields Update

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Feb 3, 2023
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Hello friends,
The game server have been updated and now all Mastery Sets, Weapons and Shields support Socket options. You can also add Harmony Option to them.

Mastery Sets which are available on the server:
Tigris Set
Crimson Skull Set
Bloodangel Knight Set
Bloodangel Wizard Set
Bloodangel Elf Set
Bloodangel Summoner Set
Bloodangel Magic Set
Bloodangel Lord Set
Bloodangel Fighter Set
Darkangel Knight Set
Darkangel Wizard Set
Darkangel Elf Set
Darkangel Summoner Set
Darkangel Magic Set
Darkangel Lord Set
Holyangel Knight Set
Holyangel Wizard Set
Holyangel Elf Set
Holyangel Summoner Set
HolyangelMagic Set
Holyangel Lord Set
Soul Knight Set
Soul Wizard Set
Soul Elf Set
Soul Summoner Set
Soul Magic Set
Soul Lord Set
Soul Fighter Set
Blue Eye KnightSet
Blue Eye Wizard Set
Blue Eye Elf Set
Blue Eye Summoner Set
Blue Eye Magic Set
Blue Eye Lord Set
Blue Eye FIghter Set
Silver Heart Knight Set
Silver Heart Wizard Set
Silver Heart Elf Set
Silver Heart Summoner Set
Silver Heart Magic Set
Silver Heart Lord Set
Silver Heart FIghter Set
Manticore Knight Set
Manticore Wizard Set
Manticore Elf Set
Manticore Summoner Set
Manticore Magic Set
Manticore Lord Set
Manticore FIghter Set
Brilliant Knight Set
Brilliant Wizard Set
Brilliant Elf Set
Brilliant Summoner Set
Brilliant Magic Set
Brilliant Lord Set
Brilliant FIghter Set

Mastery Shields which are available on the server:
Bloodangel Shield
Darkangel Shield
Holyangel Shield
Soul Shield
Blue Eye Shield
Silver Heart Shield
Manticore Shield
Bloodangel Fairy Shield
Darkangel Fairy Shield
Holyangel Fairy Shield
Soul Fairy Shield
Blue Eye Fairy Shield
Silver Heart Fairy Shield
Manticore Fairy Shield

Mastery Weapons which are available on the server:
Bloodangel Sword
Bloodangel Magic Sword
Blessed Divine Sword of Archangel
Dark Angel Sword
Dark Angel Magic Sword
Holy Angel Sword
Holy Angel Magic Sword
Soul Sword
Soul Magic Sword
Blue Eye Sword
Blue Eye Magic Sword
Blooangel Clow
Prickle Glove
Darkangel Claws
Soul Claws
Archangel Absolule Claws
Blessed Archangel's Absolute Claws
Pantera Claws
Devast Claws
Blue Eye Claws
Silver Heart Claws
Silver Heart Sword
Silver Heart Magic Sword
Manticore Claws
Manticore Sword
Manticore Magic Sword

Bloodangel Scepter
Blessed Divine Scepter of Archangel
Dark Angel Scepter
Holy Angel Scepter
Soul Scepter
Mace of The King
Blue Eye Scepter
Silver Heart Scepter
Manticore Scepter

Bloodangel Bow
Blessed Divine Crossbow of Archangel
Darkangel Bow
Holyangel Bow
Soul Bow
Blue Eye Bow
Silver Heart Bow
Manticore Bow

Bloodangel Staff
Bloodangel Stick
Darkangel Staff
Holyangel Staff
Darkangel Stick
Holyangel Stick
Blessed Divine Staff of Archangel
Blessed Divine Stick of Archangel
Soul Staff
Soul Stick
Blue Eye Staff
Blue Eye Stick
Silver Heart Staff
Silver Heart Stick
Book of Bloodangel
Book of Darkangel
Book of Holyangel
Book of Soul
Blue Eye Book
Silver Heart Book
Manticore Staff
Manticore Stick

Shields support up to 3 Socket Options.
Weapons support up to 5 Socket Options
Sets Support up to 5 Socket Options.

Thank You,
The InfinityMU Team


Feb 22, 2023
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it work but have more bug in visual
-Staff : lost option of wizard dmg
-Set : lost of name


Feb 3, 2023
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It's because too many options on the item tooltip (Ancient Options + Harmony + Sockets). Your options still working. I will look into this and optimize the ancient options so that all useless options are removed and keep only the options that actually improve your defense and damage. For example Maximum Life increase +64 adds just 64 hp which is nothing compared to all the stats you have added.

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