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Guide Mu Helper Pick Up Items Tricks


Feb 4, 2023
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Here are some tips to set on your Obtaining item in your MU Helper.

Known rules:
- The entered keyword is a search function, if an item contain all the keywords in a single entry, the helper will pick it up
- "Luck", "Option", "Socket" are valid keywords. Although socketed items don't have a keyword indication, elemental items have.
- It only notice the name of the item when it is on the ground
- It may be case sensitive and a bit bugged, so avoid capital letters whenever possible

These keywords are alternatives for Long Keywords.

Low level:
"niria" - Uniria
"ign of" - Sign of Lord, Sign of Dimensions. If you only enter "ign" it can pick up GRC as junk
"aper" - Suspicious Paper
"ox" - BOL, BOK, sealed golden and silver boxes
"ox of" - Box of Luck, Box of Kundun (doesn't pick up sealed boxes)
"old ox" - Sealed golden boxes
"ymbo" - Symbol of Kundun
"emon" - Demon Eye, Demon Key
"ngel" - Angel, Scroll of Archangel, normal BA items. May pick up angelic staff as junk
"uar ngel" - Angel, no junk
"cro ngel" - Scroll of archangel
"lood" - Blood Bone
"croll" - All types of skill scrolls, also scroll of etramu, kundun magic scroll etc. May pick up Scroll of Town Portal as junk
"rb" - All types of skill orbs
"archm" - All types of skill parchments
"ummon" - All types of summon jewels
"Ring ption" - All normal rings with option
"endan ption" - All normal pendants with option
"ocket" - All types of elemental pentagram

Medium level
"et rys" - Tetra Crystal. If you only enter "rys" it can pick up crystal sword and CMS as junk.
"irit of" - Spirit of Dark Raven and Spirit of Dark Horse. If you only enter "irit" it may pick up many junk items for elf
"rest" - Crest of Monarch
"eather" - Loch Feather
"pher" - All empty spheres

Acheron specific
"ragm" - Map Fragment and Mithil Fragment
"lix" - (Brave) Hero Elixir
"agger" - (Merciless) Gladiator's Dagger
"ron" - Iron Shield (Lorencia, Magic)
"ith" - Mithil (direct drop from bosses that randomly spawn in acheron)
"undu Ma" - Kundun Madness Blade, Kundun Magic Spell Scroll
"mpir" - Empire Guardian's Stronghold

Optional (need specific)
"ondor" - Condor Flame
"kill uck" - Any weapon with +skill+luck (includes SUM offhand weapon and some shields)
"taf uck" - Any staff with +luck
"ed irit uck" - Any Red Spirit item +luck, use a different keyword for the specific armor sets you want to collect
"t 3" - Elemental pentagram with 3 sockets (so that 1 or 2 socket drops are ignored)
"t 4"