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Nov 11, 2017
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Special thanks to Djinny for making this awesome banner

.: The Maze :.

Hello Infinitians!

Once again we come with something special for you - for the people who like puzzles and like to solve the mystery

.: Event Mechanics :.

We are going to give a picture, but not an ordinary picture - it will be under a form of a puzzle and the person who manages to arrange the puzzle first will be the winner. Of course you will have to upload the solved puzzle here to prove it. If you will crop the image, you still need to do in in such way that the solving time could be visible!

.: RULES :.

No double posts!
Write your in game nick for IMES!
You can not use more than one forum account!
Staff members are not allowed to participate!
You can win twice in a row only if nobody answer 48 hours after your last win!
After the task is given you will have 1 week to fulfill it, if no one is able to fulfill it - the round will be closed!
Every Staff member must state in the round how many IMES and credits you can win!
There is no limit of points you can win, but limit of rounds is one per day that a staffer can make.
The player with most won rounds will receive in the end 10 bonus IMES Points!
You will post here your screenshot of your vote with the "Right Captcha Code" and "iMU 100x rank", together with your entry!
Upload your pictures in or !
Use screenshot for vote only from that link i gave below!!

No idea where to vote?
Click here.

Example of SS from vote :

.: Prize(s) :.

Easy task = 75 credits + 1 IMES

Medium task = 200 credits + 1 IMES

Hard task = 350 credits + 2 IMES

Easy task - up to 50 puzzle pieces

Medium task - up to 150 puzzle pieces

Hard task - up to 250 puzzle pieces

Deadline : 30th of November 2020

Winners and their prize:
Maze #1 (Medium) - OBE7ISK

Thank You,
InfinityMU 100x Staff Team
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