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Oct 3, 2013
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We've noticed that some of you prefer using bigger signatures regardless of our forum signature rules.
After reviewing this, our moderation team decided to allow you requesting bigger signatures than the maximum size.

Please have a look at questions & answers below as well as rules in the bottom. You may also view the list of users with granted permissions in this thread.

Questions & Answers:
[Q]: Does this mean everybody can use bigger signatures than 500 x 400 at anytime?
[A]: No. All the signature rules apply and everybody must follow them. You can only use bigger signature if you've been granted permission after requesting in this thread.

[Q]: Can I request for something else, such as userbar?
[A]: No. You can only request for bigger signatures.

[Q]: Why should I request for a bigger signature?
[A]: Our rules allow a maximum of 500 x 400 signature in our forum. If you wish to use a signature that is bigger, e.g. 550 x 400, you should request in this thread.

[Q]: What kind of signatures will be granted permission?
[A]: We're only intending to grant permissions for special and extremely rare cases. Do not feel discouraged if you were not granted permission to use a bigger signature, as this should be expected. No, your signature is not bad!

[Q]: What are chances of my signature receiving approval?
[A]: Chances of being granted permission to use bigger signatures are extremely low for everybody.

[Q]: How many signatures can I have a permission for?

[A]: Only one approved signature per user. However, you can post a request for bigger resolution with your already-approved signature.

[Q]: Can somebody else use signature that has granted permissions?
[A]: Yes, as long as the signature is 500 x 400 or smaller, and they have permission from author of signature. Only the person who has granted permission for specific signature can use that specific signature.

[Q]: What is the criteria of being granted permission? I.e. which signatures are more likely to get approved?
[A]: We do not have a very specific set of standards or rules that would favor one kind of a signature higher chances of being approved than another. That said, smaller and less intrusive signatures are more likely to receive approval, more so signatures that have issues downsizing. Moderator team will personally analyze and judge every request carefully.

[Q]: Can I edit or resize the signature which I have been granted permission for?
[A]: Yes and no. You are free to downsize your approved signature as you like. You can neither increase the size of the signature or edit it in any way. E.g. if your approved signature is 500 x 420, you can not resize it to 501 x 420 or 500 x 421 without posting a request in this thread and receiving second approval.

[Q]: How will I know that my signature has been approved?
[A]: You will receive a reply from our moderation staff letting you know that your signature has been granted permission. After you've been granted permission, your forum name, signature and its size will be added in the list of approved users below.

This is list of users and their signatures which were granted permission.
Spoiler for Approved Users, Signature and Size:

discipolo - signature - 958 x 162

If your forum name is not in this list, please do not use bigger signatures than allowed in signature rules!

Bigger Signature Requesting rules:
- Spam is not allowed in this thread. Keep it only for requests.
- You can only request for one bigger signature at a time.
- Request only once per month.
- You can have only one approved bigger signature.
- Upload your image at or

Please read Questions & Answers above before posting a request.

To request for a bigger signature, comment in this thread with the following format:
Link to your signature
The size of your signature (width and height)

Thank you,
InfinityMU 100x Staff Team​