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Oct 3, 2013
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Special thanks to Jero for making this awesome banner

InfinityMU Lucky Top Voters

Hello Infinitians!

Event Mechanics:

Do you like our server? Do you want to win some extra and help us make the server even greater? Well, you are on the right place. In this event all you have to do is to take screenshots of your vote and upload them here. In the end of each month, the votes in this thread are calculated and the person with most votes - win. So make sure to vote every 12 hours to win awesome rewards.


Write your in-game name

Please post your questions in the Questions Section!

Staff team is allowed to participate (except the person hosting this event.).

Upload your screenshot at or
Attachments are accepted (if error please use sites above explained.).

You must post NEW screenshots of your vote with the "Right Captcha Text" and "iMU 100x rank", together with your entry.

Make sure to post 2 screenshots. First one showing the captcha with the text spelled correctly, and the second screenshot which shows our banner on XtremeTop100 and our position there. Both are necessary, otherwise your post will be deleted. Also make sure to take a screenshot of InfinityMU 100x (InfinityMU 100x Edition - Season 3) and not the high exp (INFINITYMU - QUALITY GAMING SINCE 2008). Make sure to include the timer "Time till toplist reset" in your screenshot.

Vote screenshots are only valid for up to 12 hours. This applies to both of the Captcha text and ranking screenshots.

DO NOT think to create two accounts to vote in this event. Staff will be checking accounts, if someone is caught with a second account, both will end up banned. Proxies are not allowed as well!

You cannot post every hour in this thread. This is "cheating". You can only vote every 12 hours! It's impossible to make 2 posts in one hour because your votes won't count. There will be no warnings for this, forum account will be banned for 1 day. (Max Tolerance: 10 minutes)

The winner will be chosen at the end of the month.

Would be helpful if you post each time your posts number in this thread (1st vote, 2nd vote and so on)

Minimum votes to be eligible for the prize in month: 20

.: Special forum tag for the First Place :.

Deadline: 30th of November 9:00 PM GMT+4

Prize(s) :

5,000 credits + 3 IMES - Over 60 votes

3,000 credits + 2 IMES - Over 40 votes

1,500 credits + 1 IMES - Over 20 votes
(IMES will be added in Leo's IMES Scoreboard)

No idea where to vote?
Click me and I will bring you there.

Example entry :
In Game Nick : Genki

Entry #1

SS from vote :

Not following the rules will lead to disqualification.
Spam will be not tolerated in this thread.
PM Leon for any question.

Thank You,
InfinityMU 100x Staff Team