Game Event Infinity's Next Top Model - September

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Oct 3, 2013
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Credits to Draft for making this awesome banner.

Infinity's Next Top Model

Hello Infinitians!
Here we go with September's
InfinityMU Next Top Model Event!


14th of September 11:00 PM UTC+3 (Server time)

*Entries posted after the deadline won't count for this event.

.: Event Mechanics :.

It's as simple as imaginable.
All you have to do is to get your character and use your creativity.
Make your character as good-looking and as interesting as you can.

.: RULES :.

Be creative.

You can use 3D Camera.

Combine sets or wear full set.

Write the name of your in-game character in your entry.

Staff Members are allowed to join.

No skins or rings allowed.

You must be the only player in the picture.

Old screenshots are not allowed. Only screenshots taken after the date of which this event was posted will be accepted.
E.g. If this event was posted on 07/07/2021, you can only use screenshots taken on the same day - 07/07/2021 or forward.

One entry per player (you can not change/edit your entry once you've submitted it).

Make sure to post 2 screenshots. First one showing the captcha with the text spelled correctly, and the second screenshot which shows our banner on XtremeTop100 and our position there. Both are necessary, otherwise your post will be deleted. You must vote for InfinityMU 100x. The "Vote for InfinityMU 100x Edition - Season 3" button under captcha code must be visible, as well as "Time till toplist reset" in the top right corner of screenshot.
See example of vote screenshots below.

You can crop out chat area from your screenshots, bottom panel where health and mana points are visible and skills. Don't edit the graphics of your screenshot!

Upload your screenshot at or

Make a text such as -> InfinityMU Is the Best!
You can set up a store with the text.

Not following the rules will lead to disqualification!

Naked player pictures will not be accepted.

.: Prizes :.

First place: 1,200 Credits & 3 Ring of Wind +3 IMES
Second place: 800 Credits & 2 Ring of Wind +2 IMES
Third place: 500 Credits & 1 Ring of Wind +1 IMES

Consolation prize: 200 Credits +1 IMES

*If there are more than 10 entries for this month the prize will be doubled!

*If only two players join, the prizes in 2nd and 3rd place will be divided and added to the both of them.
*If only one player joins, he/she will win the 1st rank prize.

Prizes will be added by Leo!

If you don't know how to cut your vote and upload it to, follow this video and forum guide:

Example of SS from vote:

Example of Entry:

Spam will be not tolerated in this thread.
PM Leon for questions.

Thank you.

InfinityMU 100x Staff Team
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