Free 2nd Chance for Banned players

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Mar 18, 2018
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Hello guys, !

Recently you noticed some players who got banned pernnamenty are FREE and unbann. The reason of this , we give a 2nd chance to play again on our server.

So how to get a 2nd chance for your account that banned using cheat/hack and etc.

You gonna send a private message/s in any of the following link provided;

Email: [email protected]

Discord: VENCi#3206

What you gonna write?


"You just to show the cheat / hack you used and you gonna to explain it how it use and how it work "

If you need assistants you can pm Me

Discord: Mahace
Fb: Mahace InfinityMu
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Dec 4, 2010
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Submit your ticket with the ban appeal + the application/cheat and wait for unban. If the hack you provide is real and working, you got my word for the unban and you will have only one last chance to prove yourself. Further bans appeals will not be accepted because the account will be listed for deletion. For our own and our players safety we will delete accounts+HWID BAN of the abusers if they fail again after their given chance. All deleted accounts and characters will be announced in their ban thread @ Ban List section.

This opportunity is available due that now we have the best methods to block any working cheat/hack/application which works under Win10/7/8.

*Those who shared account with hackers can submit ticket to request unban but firstly make sure your ban is set with reason "Sharing account with XXXX" cheater and you really shared your account because we will know.
*Unbans for players who are blocked permanently for other reason than hacking and their ban is years ago (2020-2019...) can submit tickets with appeals too.
*Appeals like "please unban my acc XXXX" with empty description and your side of understanding the violation you did will be ignored. You have to completely regret what you did because this will be your last chance in this community.
*Under some circumstances we might not be able to unban accounts depending on the gravity of the case or you are in the black list of players who been given numerous of chances and failed over and over again or you are involved in heavy case. Heavy ban cases will be ignored.
*Staff Insults might be accepted and so on can be under review if you contact and apologize the staffer you've insulted/harassed and he unban you on goodwill. If you insulted Staff or InfinityMU in social networks then ban appeals will not be accepted.

You can submit tickets here:

Thank You,
The InfinityMU Team
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