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[Event] Infinity's wild


One and the OnlY ...
Dec 13, 2014
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Special thanks to Djinny for making this awesome banner !

Infinity's wild

Hello Infinitians!
Here we go with our new edition of
Infinity's wild!


31st of December 23:59 GTM+2

.: Event Mechanics :.

We decide to get wild!
Like you all already know all staff team make tons of in game and forum events...
In them we have so many rules and restrictions, BUT its time for something new :)
something that we have not done before.

In this event the players with most points in Blood Castle, Chaos Castle, Devil Square and Golden Archer will get awesome rewards.
On 01.01.2019 all of the events will be resetted, but before that all the points will be calculated.
Top 3 players with most points from all events will get the awesome reward!
List of the rewards are written below.

NOTE : We are going to calculate all events into combined points. !!!

.: RULES :.

Staff Members are allowed to join.

One entry per player (you can not use more then one in-game account).

get as many points you can.

In order to participate in this event you will have to reach at least:

100 Points in Blood Castle

60 Points in Chaos Castle

40 mln points in Devil Square

400 register renas in Golden Archer

.: Prize(s) :.

1st Place - 15 $ in items + 15 IMES ++  "Also the right to use IMES Reaper OR IMES Reaper Removal*

2nd Place - 6 000 credits + 6 IMES

3rd Place - 3 000 credits + 3 IMES

Top 10 - 1 000 credits
*IMES Reaper removal - this option can be used only by the winner of this event and will remove ONE reaper from him.
It can NOT be used to chars that are outside the winner account!

(IMES will be added in Mahace IMES Scoreboard)

Not following the rules will lead to disqualification.
Spam will be not tolerated in this thread.
For any question PM !

Thank You
InfinityMU 100x Staff Team!​