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[Event] Guess The Movie Season VI


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Jan 5, 2018
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Elizabeth Arkham Assylum

Special thanks to Djinny for making this awesome banner

Guess the Movie

Hello Infinitians!

We would like to present you a fun and enjoyable event -
Guess the Movie Season VI

Event Mechanics :

A staff member is going to post a picture from a movie and then first person who guess from which movie that picture is will become the winner of that round.


Write your in game nick for IMES
You can not use more then one forum account
You can not edit your posts once you already submit it
You will post here your screenshot of your vote with the "Right Captcha Code" and "iMU 100x rank", together with your entry.
Fail to fulfill any of the rules will lead to Disqualification from the event
You can not win two times in a roll
You can win twice in a row ONLY if 1 day passed and there's no other winner
You must do it following the format :

Note: Please crop the SS from the vote and only IMU100x is only visible.

"In game ncik : ....
Movie : ....
SS from vote : ..."

Example entry :

in game nick : Nabster
Movie: Suicide Squad

SS from vote :

75 credits + 1 IMES

In case the round turn to be hard the reward will increase up to 150

Picture for the next round:

Thank You,
InfinityMU 100x Staff Team
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