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[Event]Christmas Room Decotation


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Apr 2, 2019
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Christmas Room Decoration

Special thanks to Djinny for making this awesome banner !

Hello Infinitians

Christmas is Here!
We have decided to make an event for this special celebration.
We know that most of us celebrate Christmas and surely every family decorates their own home.
For this event you will have to decorate a room in your house with the help of your family or friends.
it can be your kitchen, bedroom, living room and etc.
as long as it is inside your house.

Mechanics of the event:

-Each forum account can only submit one entry.
-You will have to design and decorate a room in your house.
it can be your kitchen, bedroom, living room and etc.
as long as it is inside your house.
It should be on Christmas theme of course.
-The entire room must be seen in the picture.
-You must show your in-game name, forum name and this sentence "Merry Christmas InfinityMU" on a piece of paper,
all must be visible and can be seen in the picture.
-Entries must be uploaded only at or
-Edited entries or picture is not allowed, it must be real.



Rewards and Prizes:

♦1st Place :
10 $ in items from web shop +8 IMES.
"Also the right to use IMES Reaper OR IMES Reaper Removal*

♦2nd Place :
10,000 Credits + 6 IMES.

♦ 3rd Place :
5,000 Credits + 4 IMES.

Consolation prizes :
♦ 1,000 credits each users for their efforts.

♦ Only Entries will be posted in this Event Thread!
♦ Starts now : December 2, 2019

♦ You have time until 0:00 AM gmt+8, December 24, 2019
♦ Poll will start after!

Note: If there will be only less than 5 entries the prize will go down to credits.
WARNING: Any form of cheating such as using multiple forum accounts is against the rules and will be automatically disqualified from the event.​