Celebration with the Staff

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Dec 12, 2013
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Celebration with the Staff

It's always nice when someone has a birthday and we can have fun and enjoy all together

for this reason, when any of the staff members

Forum Administrator
Head Game Master
Senior Game Master
Lead Moderator
Senior Moderator
Senior Event Master
Game Master
Event Master
He will celebrate his birthday, on this festive day we are doubling the prizes for all events

which means that the reward for the usual events will be

180 Credits and 2 IMES for PVP events the prize will be raised to 360 Credit +4 IMES
on that day you can collect up to 10 IMES from each staff member
If you reach the IMES limit, you will win 2 Ring of Wind instead of one!
We are also doubling our forum events prize.

It is a gift from us, it works only on the birthday of one of the staff
(according to the >>UTC+3<< time zone and work only 24H)

if you are lucky and the staff's birthday is on the day of a big event, we will also double the award

If Birthday celebrations happen on CS, Rewards will be double also, But not on IMES Booster and IMES Repears

Day and month of birth Staff
RESiSTANT - 1st August
Mahace - 26th May
Leon - 8th April
Nokrad - 3rd September
Chrisss - 11th January
Cokoji - 13th September
Luxyde - 8th November
Gruszka - 1st July
#RuKuTaKi - 27th September

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