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  1. Amnesia

    Castle Siege Discussion 21/11/2020

    Defender/s: Trinity Attacker/s: PARANOIA Winner/s: Trinity It was a though CS today, the attacking alliance had the points lead for more than an hour plus they had to seal and they were doing good... We just had a few dmgers to face them, the good thing is that more of us were joining from...
  2. Amnesia

    Castle Siege Discussion 14/11/2020

    Defender/s: Trinity Attacker/s: IMFRAWOR Winner/s: Trinity Hey there, it's been a while since I dont make a CS thread so I'm going to give you the details from this Battle... We know this was a secure win since their ally master got caught for using hax but we still fought like any of the...
  3. Amnesia

    Castle Siege Discussion 23.02.2019

    Defenders: Fearless Attackers: OldSkool Winners: Fearless Alo! as usual we started with a intense battle from both sides, lots of kills, fights on switches and on the main side crown... it lasted at least 1 hour and 30mins until OldSkool lacked of support and they left, besides that we both...
  4. Amnesia

    12/08/2017 Castle Siege Discussion

    Defenders: Templars Attackers: Fatality Winners: Templars congrats templars! keep joining the events gys
  5. Amnesia

    Castle Siege Discussion 27/05/2017

    Defenders: Templars Attackers: Heaven, VanGuArD Winners: Templars haaai, the exciting part today was in the last hour as always, we've got enough members today... more than vanguard & heaven, heaven sealed once and they got a proper defense after that, so we were about to seal in last mins...
  6. Amnesia

    Castle Siege Discussion 20/05/2017

    Defenders: Templars Attackers: VanGuArD Winners: Templars hello, it has been boring cs since there was just 2 guilds registered, we expected more people from vanguard but they were less today. We were switching seals till vanguard sealed within the 50~40minutes remaining so we decided to seal...
  7. Amnesia

    Castle Siege Discussion 18/03/2017

    Defenders: Heaven Attackers: Templars, Fatality, VanGuArD Winners: Templars Hello ladies! we were poor today , defenders were owning us because they were alot of dmgers against 3 (first mins) then vanguard come with amazing team to hold switches in second hour, they did it sucessfully so...
  8. Amnesia

    Castle Siege Discussion 25/02/2017

    Defenders: Templars Attackers: VanGuarD, Heaven Winners: Templars hello peps today we had one of the most excited cs i've played, it was a little same as the last cs the battle turned intense in the last hour, within the last 50mns Heaven was defending and vanguard's army was comming so we...
  9. Amnesia

    Castle Siege Discussion 18/02/2017

    Defenders: Heaven Attackers: Fatality, Templars Winners: Templars hey! we decided to play at last 50 mins because we're lack of members so the battle was between Fatality and Heaven and by then our members came 1 by 1 so we made just 2 seals , one was in last 40-35 i think, the rest was pure...
  10. Amnesia

    [Guide] Cannot find your screens? Fix it!

    Hello, i saw some people complaining about that they can't find their screenshots taken in game, i've found the solution time ago but i thought it was only me, with that problem i mean. So here u go: Simply go to Control Panel -> Program Files -> InfinityMU then create a new folder called "...
  11. Amnesia

    Banned Account Banned Account: ka4aks15

    Character involved: ArnisBM Reason: AP 2nd time Duration: Permanent Proof: 1st time here
  12. Amnesia

    Banned Account Banned account: Bladexx

    Character involved: Clujeanul Ban Reason: Adversiting other MU Ban Duration: Permanent Proof: Hidden Evidence:!-(Clujeanul)&p=119190#post119190 +5 imes to Kendall
  13. Amnesia

    Banned Account Banned Account: kuyaayo

    Character Involved: WIZpinoy Ban Reason: Adversiting other MU in game Ban Duration: Permanent Proof: Hidden Evidence:
  14. Amnesia

    [Event] Guess the Movie Season IV

    Hello guys i would like to present you Guess the Movie IV event with good news Mechanics: Ill paste a picture from any movie and you must guess it, for example: What movie is this? IGN: Obitho Movie: I'm Legend RULES: -The first person wich post it first and correctly will win 50 credits...
  15. Amnesia

    Banned Character Banned Characters: TRUNKS & SantoxicO

    Characters involved : TRUNKS / SantoxicO Ban Reason: Insult member Ban Duration: 3 days / 1 day Proof: Evidence:
  16. Amnesia

    12/11/2016 Castle Siege Discussion

    Defenders: Templars Attackers: Heaven, VanGuarD Winners: Templars Such awesome battle for the throne with 3 alliance i'm glad that i was there today, the battle turned so intense in the last 40 minutes, Templars made the last seal within the last 10 min thought i, then with a strong defense...
  17. Amnesia

    08/10/2016 Castle Siege Disscusion

    Defender: Heaven Attackers: StatioN , Templars Winner: StatioN YO! Today were a awesome battle for the CS, first heaven put the gate and statues and it took us almost 1 hour to destroy 'em all after we did it we made our first seal then templars made their seal too and so, we had a hard...
  18. Amnesia

    24/09/2016 Castle Siege Discussion

    Defender: StatioN Attackers: Heave & Templars Winner: StatioN Hi, i cant give the exact details from this CS because the issue with my connection started again and i had many dc's but i could seal once in 1:02 i thought. Were few seal from each alliance, MS was needed and i switched to SM and...
  19. Amnesia

    27/08/2016 Castle Siege Discussion

    Defender: StatioN Attackers: Heaven, Templars Winner: StatioN Hello , today the cs started a bit boring the excited part started from the last hour, many deaths and seals from each alliance and as usually sm's raped all characters , we made a seal like in 0:13 can't remember the switches were...
  20. Amnesia

    20/08/2016 Castle Siege Discussion

    Defenders: StatioN Attackers: Heaven, Templars Winners: StatioN Bored cs from the beggining, we dont had enough people to hold switchets till the last hour. There was few seals from heaven and station, i could seal twice even if i was dying then i had to log in Shyrend in last mins because i...