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  • I have life of course, if you don't see maybe I am almost everyday online but most in forum and just time to time (check for 5 mins from phone or laptop and then after 1 2 or more hours) that you can see me online almost everyday doesn't means that I am every second online :)

    You won third place in Top Luck Voters event. What is your character name so I can add 700 credits to your account?
    Try ? :D Bro I think you are here from long time and you should know that VIP server was PvP from it creation.
    Last year, Venci made Server 5 which was Non-PvP because Server 3 was full, after some time he kick it because there weren't very people and after 2-3 or more moths back it because some people wanted PvP other wanted Non-PvP because they pay credits for level up not for more PvP and again kick it and after some months made Server 3 Non-PvP.

    Just give you more information, if you missed/ do not know it :).
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