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Recent content by Fernando

  1. Fernando

    Staff Team Update 9/21/2019. (Leiker145)

    Welcomeeeeeeeeee back! Cambiate ese nombre tan zorro de una vez please...
  2. Fernando

    Castle Siege Discussion 31.08.2019

    Bro, u funny between the best 2 guilds in 100X... There’s only 2 guilds haha Congratulations guys!
  3. Fernando

    Castle Siege Discussion 17.08.2019

    Congratulations ma boiiis
  4. Fernando

    Castle Siege Discussion 27.07.2019

    I just played a few minutes until I got tired of killing Jorge hahahaha love u bro <3
  5. Fernando

    Staff Team Update - 30.06.2019 (Alin)

    Even when I was part of the Staff we had our differences and quite a few discussion but that doesn't mean you didn't get my respect. Being part of the Staff takes lots of time that you could use it for work or even to rest, well you stayed for years right there. So now that your watch has...
  6. Fernando

    Castle Siege Discussion 29.06.2019

    Congratulations guys! Nice CS, we had a huge advantage and then they got really close, if Agatha would have seal in that last minute, she would screw us over xD Nice damagers I watched that day, specially [A]pollo that fcker is awesome :D
  7. Fernando

    Castle Siege Discussion 8.06.2019

    Congratulations guys! While it took us an hour to seal, Agharta sealed in 5 minutes, then I believe the real sealer arrived and finally we could seal in peace. It was a close fight :D
  8. Fernando

    Castle Siege Discussion 25.05.2019

    Thank you Doss for taking me that pic! Whilst we were there I remember 2 DLs and 1 SM hitting me, I had to use AGs to stay alive xD I liked the CS, even tho I played the last 20 minutes but I got quite a few kills. I won?t be able to come to the next CS but I?ll join for sure the next one...
  9. Fernando

    Game Update 3.9.2018

    Sick update guys, soon I´ll travel back to the US and join you for some fun CS :D Well done Staff Team
  10. Fernando

    Castle Siege Discussion 05.26.2018

    I joined for a few minutes only to wish you good luck and you finally won, congratulations guys! Very proud of u, keep it up :D
  11. Fernando

    [Winners]Fit the Staff Team (April)

    Congratulations gays!!
  12. Fernando

    Castle Siege Discussion 21.04.2018

    Congratulations nabs! :D
  13. Fernando

    Castle Siege Discussion 03.24.2018

    Congratulations guys! I just got back from work but I hope you enjoyed the game!
  14. Fernando

    Website Update 23.3.2018

    Finally we have many vaults! I can’t remember how long we were waiting for this. Well done!!
  15. Fernando

    Staff Team Update - 21.03.2018 (Kendall)

    Congrats nab!