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  • I have added 2000 credits to your account cuz you won first place in Top Lucky Voters event.

    You won third place in Top Lucky Voters. :D What's your character name? so I can add 700 credits to your account.
    Oh, Nick kicked your Legend tag from high xp :XD:

    P.S: Can you add me in skype ? (tedo0024 is my)
    Why you don't comment in high xp my signatures as here ? :(
    I think you know that I want to join in GFX Team in high xp too :D
    if u find other usertitle give me in my area :D

    but pls give me usertitle which have texts "FORUMS.INFINITYMUONLINE.COM" and "INFINITY MU" (as blackheart's usertitle "ABNORMAL MU")
    Thanks :D, I've been studing for a exam that's why i didn't reply before, Credits where already added by Acuatic "

    Account xxxx has been rewarded with 500 credits. Reason: Fit The Staff Team 2 Event winner 04/25/2014 12:26:49

    Sorry for the delay and thanks for the congrats :D, Congratulations you yoo for wining this one :D
    no problem :D here the votes are on staff section and only we vote on them. This time took longer since the 3rd place was a draw and still some votes are missing to make the final desicion. No problem at all, it was a question made in question section. everything fine, if It were wrong or something bad it would be trashed :p
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