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    Castle Siege Discussion 20/02/2021

    Defender/s: Ghostown Attacker/s: PARANOIA Winner/s: PARANOIA It was a great batle but on end we won our dmgers made the best!And we won! Thanks for my team for once again be there! Cya next
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    Castle Siege Discussion 27/12/2020

    Defender/s: Trinity Attacker/s: PARANOIA Winner/s: PARANOIA Defender aly never came to defend their win so we easy win! I hope to see you next week strong ppl hahahha!
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    🎅 Christmas Event 🎄 Infinity Mu Santa Claus

    ING: Bontzovi PS: it took me many time to make it i hope you like it ;p HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!
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    🎅 Christmas Event 🎄 Letters of hope

    Bontzovi Dear Santa This year i try my best and i was verry good guy and didnt made something bad i hope you make my wish and bring me one pair kantata i need! Merry Cristmas to all IMU!
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    Castle Siege Discussion 28/11/2020

    Defender/s: Trinity Attacker/s: PARANOIA Winner/s: PARANOIA Today siege started as normal both made some seals a lot of kills from both sides but more kills from us we took some points more from enemies around 100 and then i stop and no seal! I thought i will not seal till the end but on last...
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    Castle Siege Discussion 14/11/2020

    Learn play like boys we came play for fun and you just stay outside cause you scared you will lose cya next week noobs!
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    Castle Siege Discussion 24/10/2020

    Defender/s: TRINITY Attacker/s: IMFRAWOR QARABAG (fake register) Winner/s: IMFRAWOR Today siege for us started normal all our ppl was there like always but enemies have some promblems with the connecting on server cause of the new update and couldnt join much ppl.Our dmgers kill everything...
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    Castle Siege Discussion 17/10/2020

    you must not only take castle siege tag you must get topprrunners tags too hahaha! Grats! PS: GEDEON you nab afk 2 hours and only trashtalk!
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    Castle Siege Discussion 10/10/2020

    Defender/s: IMFRAWOR Attacker/s: NO ALY REGISTER Winner/s: IMFRAWOR Sad that there wasnt any aly register this week i hope to see someone next week so we have a fight again! PS:this thread is just for the history!
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    Castle Siege Discussion 03/10/2020 ( IMFRAWOR )

    Defender/s: IMFRAWOR Attacker/s: Trinity Winner/s: IMFRAWOR Today siege was realy funny enemies tanks and dmgers was flying like crazy!A lot of seals for both side but we manage to make so much killls and this gave us the win easy! Thanks to all my team who came today and helped us win once...
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    Castle Siege Discussion 26/09/2020 ( IMFRAWOR )

    Defender/s: IMFRAWOR Attacker/s: Trinity Winner/s: IMFRAWOR Today siege started normal a lot of seals from both sides.Our dmger was making the best work and killing everythink we had some promblems but we sovled them fast and win this week again Thanks to all my mates who came to suport as...
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    Castle Siege Discussion 19/09/2020 ( IMFRAWOR )

    Defender/s: IMFRAWOR Attacker/s: Trinity Winner/s: IMFRAWOR Today siege was not so good at all.Enemy team didnt have so much dmg to manage to kill us and our dmgers was killing....a lot of seals from both sides but in the end we won again . hope to see you next too! Enjoy the video and stop...
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    Castle Siege Discussion 12/09/2020 ( IMFRAWOR )

    Defender/s: Trinity Attacker/s: IMFRAWOR Winner/s: IMFRAWOR It was a nice fight till last min at the 1st one hour my team had some promblems with low ppl and enemy manage to take a big difrence around 200 points but after 1 hour passsed more ppl from our side came and a litle by litle we...