• Hello,
    This forum section is for recruit guild members.

    You need post following contents:
    1. Name of your Guild and Name of Guild Master
    2. Rules and requirements for joining.
    3. Guild Description.
    4. How and where to contact the Guild Master or how to join the guild.
    5. In title follow format [Recruit] Name of your Guild

    -This section is for recruitment,do not spam here as much as possible, or make useless posts and off topics.
    -You can up your post or "bump" it once a day.
    -If your guild was disbanded, or you are not recruiting anymore, or just want to close the thread,should make a notice here so that it will be closed.
    Inactive threads after 1 month automatically will be closed, later you still can ask any staff member to open it again.

    Thanks you!

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